QR Codes are becoming part or every day life.But more importantly they are becoming a part of business and retail.This medium is building up steam and is on its way to becoming very trendy.More people than ever before are utilizing the powerful informational tool and making it profitable.

Manufacturers used to use QR Codes to track parts, not it can provide a wealth of information to the everyday consumers.More often now it is providing product information.More consumers are being reached with QR Code marketing campaigns.

Consumers can now compare products and prices instantly with technology provided by smart phones with barcode scanner applications.The allure of instantly downloadable coupons and discounts is now possible with these QR Codes.And the provocative nature of this technology is reaching audiences that many advertisers did not think was possible.

Retailers and small businesses are now seeing how easy it is to create QR Codes and use them to connect with their client base.Free QR Code generators are everywhere now.And now that we live in an era where having a social media account of some sort is almost mandatory, sharing the QR Codes that carry valuable data for one’s potential clients, is becoming easier than ever to share.

Gone are the days of coaxing people into filling out a long form to get them on your mailing list with the promise of occasional deals in regular newsletters.Now it’s becoming as quick and point, click, and scan to get a coupon and quickly sign up for a product mailing list.QR Codes have helped the retail industry evolve and their uses become more advanced every day.