The Auto Industry

The Auto Industry is one of the biggest and most important markets in today's world. It has a huge impact on the American economy as well. They are also in part one of the reason that QR Codes even came into popular use. In 1994 Toyota first began using QR Codes to tracks the cars and parts that they made. The QR Codes were easy for their equipment to read and it could store all different types of data which made the codes very appealing to other service industries in Japan. Those businesses perfected the QR Code technology to become what it is today. Now the QR Codes have taken on a new purpose in marketing and sales. Cars are a major investment for people, and with all the different types of cars that are out there to choose from, having QR Codes to give you the edge in a marketing campaign can make all the difference. Not to mention the fact that QR Code promotional materials can also make the difference in which dealer a consumer choses to go through. With QR code becoming a bigger and bigger part of advertising, it is all the more reason for the major auto companies to utilize them in new ways. It is safe to say that QR Codes are not only an important aspect of the auto industries recent past and manufacturing, but they will also be a part of the auto industry's future in marketing. With scandalous government bailouts happening and souring the popular view of car manufacturers, it is very important for these companies to really connect with their customers.