Business Reference Tools

If you need help with your business studies or business project, there are lots of resources on the Internet. Finding good study materials is not always an easy thing to do. However, it can be tiresome to look for informative, authoritative, and comprehensive online business reference tools. Here, you will find the best resources for economics, finance, marketing, world trade, and more, all on one page.


  • Resources for Economics: On this page, you will find articles and databases, data and statistics, electronic journals, working papers, and other resources.
  • Internet Resources: Here are more economic resources such as economic journals, economic institutions and organizations, economic quotes, economic blogs, and more.
  • Course Materials: MIT provides course materials, lecture notes, assignments, exams, and more on various economic concepts.
  • Basics of Economics: After you have learned about basic economic concepts like credit, supply and demand, goods and services, needs and wants, you can take the quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • World Economics Resources: A list of links to resources like economics megasites, economic and social data, working papers, think tanks, economics education, and so on.
  • Resource Center: The webpage offers links to general economics sites, US economic data, international NGOs, financial economics, journals, and the like.
  • Interactive Tutorials: Some of the lessons include marginal cost, demand, elasticity, total cost, average cost, monopoly, risk, and future income.
  • Online Economic Lessons: Lots of lessons for K-12 teachers and students.
  • Economics Interactive: Excellent site with loads of course materials, resources, quizzes, and more.
  • Online Economics Textbooks: Many economics textbooks available for download.


  • Finance Resources: The NYU presents resources on finance markets, corporate finance, seminars, international finance management, articles and papers, and more.
  • Online Resources: A collection of links to CNN Money, CNBC, Federal Reserve, US economy, real estate, futures, stocks, bonds, and so on.
  • Internet Resources: Here, you will find general resources, economic data, financial data and services, journals, markets, and more.
  • Global Business & Finance: Lots of resources on international business and global finance.
  • Finance Websites: Resources for discerning finance students on financial management, valuation, working capital management, investment in capital assets, and more.
  • MYMoney: The website provides financial topics, tools, and resources.
  • Resources for Online Students: The resources cover financial markets, financial instruments, corporate finance, and public finance.
  • Finance Journals: A list of links to top journals like Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, and more.
  • US Department of the Treasury: The official site with information on services, initiatives, and other resources.
  • Data & Statistics: The IMF publishes data and statistics on finance.


World Trade


  • Business Ideas: A great place for entrepreneurs and business people.
  • SBA: The US Small Business Administration offers a lot of information for small businesses.
  • Business Research Launch Pad: Start your business research here!
  • Knowledge@Wharton: Come here to get a pulse of the business world.
  • Stats America: Provides a lot of data for business research.
  • Business Link: The British government provides a lot of lessons and tips for entrepreneurs.
  • Business Ethics: Here’s a good place to read up on the topic.
  • Forbes: A leading business publication in the world.
  • Business Journals: A list of the top academic business journals.
  • Tax Information: The IRS provides tax information for various types of businesses.