Clothing Industry

QR Codes have become a huge trend. Designers everywhere are taking note as well. It is becoming more and more trendy to not only promote one's products with QR Codes. But now the codes are even being incorporated right into the design. It doesn't matter if it's shoes, tops, dresses, handbags, or even jewelery. QR Codes are starting to make their appearance in every day appearance. The trend seems to be raising curiosity. And curiosity is always good for business. For decades we have been walking advertisement and proudly wear the logos of our favorite clothing designers and companies. Now we can continue that trend in a far more subtle, yet right out in the open way. Some of the codes are scannable for promotional, pricing, and product information. Some of the codes are simply a fashion statement. But either way this new trend is taking the world of fashion by storm. Designer can include QR Codes to make an artistic statement about their product, manufacturers can promote their products to new and hungry audiences, and consumers can interact with their belongings in a new and exciting way. No one can predict where this fad will go, but it's sure to bring the world of fashion and retail to new places. In our society, everything is digital. Now even our fashion and design industry has joined the race to the newest and hottest technology. Soon, maybe the recognizable logos and designs that we all know and love will be transformed into 2D digital codes.