The Food Industry

The food and food service industry is a cash cow. Everyone eats, and most everyone enjoys good food. Some people also make it a hobby to prepare good food and it usually takes a good amount of financial investment in one's kitchen to get all of the bells and whistles of a gourmet kitchen if that's what they want. People are targeting by marketing campaigns for fast food, food items for cook, restaurants and even the gourmet experience whether they are going out or cooking on their own. We get our influences from food television networks, cooking shows, magazines, television ads, catalogs, and word of mouth. With this being such a broad and diverse demographic, the sky is the limit as to how and what we market to them. Not only do people buy food, but they buy tools to make the food. People are also becoming more health conscious and it is important to many to know the nutritional information of the food that they would put into their bodies. Allergies are also a concern and QR Codes on food packaging could be an instant source of vital health information. People also buy informational materials to become better cooks. And they seem to be drawn to cooking shows in a new way. QR Codes offering product information and recipes could really appeal to the same people who enjoy getting recipes from cooking shows. QR Codes cannot only help those who are looking to save on their grocery bills, but they can also help people who are looking to advance their skills.