The Handbag Industry

Handbags have become a huge staple in fashion. While there are those of us that cling to one go-to bag. It's not uncommon for women to have more than one purse so that they can accessorize properly. Not only have we seen QR Codes take the world of fashion and retail by storm, but now they are worming their way into our hand bags as well. The codes are appearing as designs on the bags as well as providing option for a discrete way to identify who the bags belong to. You can even make your own statement by adding QR Codes onto your accessories yourself. Not to mention that hunting for QR Codes for your favorite handbag designers can deliver you the most up to date discounts, product information, and pricing information. Is there anything that these codes can't do? Temporary QR Code tattoos have been used in the bast to identify people. But we are not far off from them being worn as fashion accessories. Because they are becoming such a big part of our culture and everyday lives, it would not be surprising to see permanent QR Code tattoos starting to pop up. In the future, scanning a stranger as they walk down the street might actually be an option. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to see things like that and have the scanned codes take you directly to a person's Facebook page. You could learn all about a stranger sitting next to you without ever even speaking to them.