Logos & Branding

QR Codes are still a relatively new medium, but the advertising industry is as old as they come. For as long as there has been commerce, people have tried to find new and better ways to draw in customers. Once someone builds a reputation for their product, maintaining proper branding can make or break a commercial business. QR Codes are now helping businesses utilize their branding with recognizable logos embe3ded within them.  Now that QR Codes are starting to show up everywhere, it only makes sense that the companies that have been around long enough to have built up a memorable brand with logos and trademarks, that they would want to keep using that branding, even as part of this new medium. Larger companies have the luxury of having well known and easily recognizable logos because they have had the history and the capital to build them up. Because they have so much invested in these logos, it's obvious as to why they try to still capitalize on them by incorporating these logos into their scannable QR Codes. This is not just a luxury for big companies with well known logos. For those who have small businesses, but still wish to maintain their branding with their logos, they too can inc operate recognizable designs into their QR Codes. Here are a few tutorials to help guide you on your way in designing a QR Code that will help promote you business and maintain the branding that you have worked so hard to create.