The Pet Care Industry

Another huge industry in this modern world is the pet supplies industry. Animals take the role of children in the lives of some people and become lifelong companions for their humans. The owners make sure that their pets have the best of everything and there are more and more types of items that are being developed to sell to animal lovers. Besides the normal necessities like food, grooming tools, and toys, there are also many other items being marketed to people for their pets. And being that the health and care of one's pet can become very expensive, the promotional offer aspect of QR Codes can help save money for the pet's owner and give them piece of mind. There are more medical supplies becoming available, doggy accessories, houses, beds and even clothing for animals. QR Codes are making a splash in this industry as well. QR Codes could even replace conventional dog tags some day. QR Codes could store more information like the dog's age and any health issue, which could be very useful if the dog were to run away. Not to mention that they would be a less invasive alternative to the tracking chips that people sometimes implant into their animals should they become lost. A chip would have to be physically implanted into the animal while a QR Code could simply be placed on or with their other ID tags. With the companionship that it people treasure from their animals, it's not surprising to see people shell out big bucks for their pets to have the best of everything, and QR Codes are getting in on the action.