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As Americans we appreciate technology and integrate it into our lifestyles more every day. There are some that pose the notion that our technology is making us lazy. But perhaps it is not the technology that is making us lazy, but more likely there is a deeper root to the problem. As a world leader we have fallen behind. Our economy is a mess and The United States is seriously lacking in health care and education.

Health care has been something that has been exhausted in political debates, as has the issue of our economy. These issues are not the cause of anything. They are the symptoms. Our failing economy and corrupt health care systems are the product of a lazy society. This society was not made lazy by their technology; the people who lead us have made them lazy.

Our government officials have taken over our ability to think for ourselves. Regardless of party, our legislative, judicial, and executive branches have been chocked full of career politicians for longer than most of us have been alive. A career politician being someone who is not a civil servant to represent the masses, but a person who is out to advance their own agenda and secure their own power through the power of their political party.

While these people have lead us, life has continued to go on. Perhaps since the world did not end, we assume that the harm that has been done by running our country like a feudal system (the middle and lower class all being treated like serfs and the upper class being our lords and masters) is minimal. Sadly, this system of "let the government take care of us" will bring us down, but the effects may not be felt in full effect in our lifetime.

As Americans we have learned that our country was founded on the principle of protecting the rights and freedoms of the individual. Religious persecution brought people to this land as refugees. The imposing taxes and abuse from the Crown lead the colonies to rise up and revolt. It is sad that we have been lead so far from that. Now we willingly hand over our rights and freedom in return for a government nurse made. We expect the government to take care of us, when well over 200 years ago our founding fathers were fighting for the freedom to take care of them. The Constitution was our guiding light. A document that was meant to protect us from indentured servitude to an oppressive government. And now our own government officials treat it as a list of obsolete guidelines.

Why are we so willing to hand ourselves back over to tyranny? We expect our government to be our wet nurse and then wonder why the care they give us is so sub par. Our officials do not speak for us anymore. And perhaps this whole rant is biased as it is being written by a member of the middle class, but who speaks for the middle class anymore these days.

We are taxed to death. We are forced to provide for others as well as our selves and our own families. Our dollars go into the pockets of those who would be thrilled to keep us sick, under educated, poor, and docile. The career politicians want nothing more than to keep us docile because then we will obey.

To get into specifics, please take a moment to think about some of the biggest hot button issues of today. First and foremost being our economy. First, please understand that an expert is not writing this on the economy, but rather a concerned working class citizen. The economy is in shambles and the best way to break it down is to think of it as a household budget. You make what you earn at your job and whatever that works out to be a month is what you are also feasibly able to spend. If you make $1,600 a month, that is what you have to spend on bills and expenses. Should you lose your job, acquire a large debt, or suddenly find yourself in any situation where you are making less than what you need to pay your bills, it would stand to reason that you would start trimming the fat from your budget. You don't need to be an expert on the economy to use that bit of common sense. And yet, our government seems to be blissfully unaware of this concept. Our debt continues to skyrocket and the fat is not only NOT trimmed, but seems to be building up even further.

Why as a country in economic crisis are we crippling the middle class to pay lifetime benefits to politicians that may have even spent just a few years in office?The term civil servant is a joke seeing as it’s the middle class that serves them.The salaries of those in Congress and the Senate are often more for one politician than the sum of a 2 income middle class household.And in a time when people are on a rampage because they cannot afford healthcare, some “civil servants” will be collecting top shelf health care benefits for the rest of their natural lives.

We also seem to love to spend millions on activities that are putting us further and further into debt.The War on drugs, for example, costs the US Trillions of dollars a year.This is a very touchy subject.There is no doubt that most drugs are very destructive and that addiction is a tragic epidemic that can sometimes lead to death.However, we seem to cherry pick what kind of audible substances are illegal.Alcohol and cigarettes are part of the epidemic, yet our government keeps them legal with restrictions.With a few laws in place to protect the public (i.e. drunk driving, public intoxication, and smoking ban laws) we accept this and move on.Alcohol and cigarettes are just as deadly as some hard street drugs and since the government stands to make a profit from taxing them, they are available to most of the general public.Meanwhile we spend trillions in prosecuting people for things like marijuana possession.Marijuana can be comparable to alcohol in many ways.Some even believe that it has medicinal qualities and some states like California have made marijuana with a prescription legal.If marijuana were to be legalized it could be taxed, thus bringing more money in to our struggling economy, and it could be made safely available for those who use it.Harder drugs are harder to make an argument for.Yes, they can ruin lives.But an important question to answer is do the laws that we have in place even stop addicts from using.Addicts seem to find a way to use their drug of choice, and for many, even being thrown in jail does not detour them.It’s the taxpayers’ dollars that are keeping these prisoners housed in jails.That is a debate that will probably never have an answer, but for the sake of the economic future of this country, it may be wiser to treat al drugs the way alcohol and cigarettes are treated.Making substances legal but restricting the age and where one uses them might be a better way than sinking trillions of dollars a year into a losing battle.