History of QR Codes

QR Codes are 2D scannable barcodes, or symbols.They were first created by a company called Denso Wave in 1994.Their initial purpose was just to be a code that was easy to scan by the scanning equipment that was being used at the time.Toyota used them as a way to keep track of the cars that they were making.QR Codes became very useful because the carried a ton of more information than normal barcodes and many different types information as well.They are very versatile. .They can store data in kanji, kana, numeric, binary and alphanumeric

Many people use bar codes because they are read quickly and accurately.Because bar code technology was becoming so popular, it became time for the technology to evolve and bring forth barcodes that could do even more. There was a demand for barcodes that could read more characters and fit into a smaller symbol to scan.And in our word of supply and demand, the supply started to be developed.There were finally attempts to make codes that stored more data and diverse data at that.But the problem was that with more data, the sixe of the barcodes was increasing verses decreasing as originally intended.This made the codes harder to read and they also became more expensive to print.Eventually by using horizontal and vertical coding, the 2D aspect of the code was perfected and it helped eliminate the problems with the codes

QR Codes really started to take hold in Japan in 2002.A variety of service business started to work together on ways to start utilizing smart phones with cameras.The idea that they all like the most was to use the built in cameras to scan barcodes.Since barcodes could hold such a diverse type of data, it could deliver data that opened internet browsers on smart phones or downloaded files to mobile devices.

The type of code that was settled on for all of this was the QR Code.QR Stands for Quick Response.A majority of Japanese smart phone users have the capability to recognize QR Codes and over half of them actually do!In Japan it is becoming more common for people to access the internet from their phones than a traditional PC.And now because of that people are finding QR Codes everywhere so that reaching the on-the-go mobile user is easier for things like advertising companies.

Anyone and everyone with a smart phone and a barcode scanner application are now using the codes that were once used to track vehicles and car parts by companies that could afford sophisticated technology.

QR Codes