Another topic that is important to this author is healthcare. Please understand that this is written from the point of view of someone who is pro capitalism but also pro democracy and liberty.  That being said, this country’s healthcare system is indeed in trouble. But giving free healthcare is not the answer. However we cannot sit idly by and let a system that is in desperate need of reform maintain its strangle hold on the American people.

First I would like to address the issue of free, government funded universal healthcare. This proposed system would be doomed to fail from the very beginning. A government funded healthcare system is not a self-supporting system. If a system that cannot maintain itself is put into place it will go bankrupt. That is not speculation, it is fact. A government funded healthcare system ultimately means a taxpayer funded healthcare system. This mean that taxes have to go up so that a steady stream of funds can go to healthcare. 

If the thought of paying these taxes and or fees gives you the sense of déjà vu then that because it has happened to you before in the form of Social Security. It is a little disputed fact that social security is going bankrupt.  Generations that are currently being forced to contribute to social security will not have social security benefits available to them when they retire because the system will be bankrupt by then. This is exactly what would happen with universal healthcare. The healthcare system DOES need to make at least some money because it needs to support itself.

There is an old saying, “you get what you pay for.” A “free” government run universal healthcare plan will give you a little more than nothing, but not much more. There are other countries that provide universal healthcare such as Canada. With the utmost respect towards Canada, I would like to point out that they are not know for a stellar healthcare system. Many people do travel from their homelands to the United States to have procedures and operations done because they would not be provided with the level of care that they want. That’s because government run means government managed.

If you put the government in charge of healthcare they are going to want to do things their way.  It starts out with having to have your doctor approved for your healthcare to be covered and eventually the government would need to approve your treatment as well. Now the scary question would be will the government give the same kind of care to someone that is paying taxes and contributing to the system as perhaps an elderly person that no longer pays the same fees despite having paid their share years ago. 

The whole proposed plan of universal healthcare is a ticking time bomb. Without money coming in on its own more taxpayers are responsible for supporting the healthcare system. Now for those who are struggling financially this could keep them from having money for other important things.

Also, the question of freedom really comes into play here. You might have the luxury of not having to pay for healthcare, but is that worth losing the freedom to determine whom you will go to and how you are treated. Would government healthcare even choose to recognize holistic medicines or rely entirely on the pharmaceutical companies that they have been in bed with for so long? There are already many conspiracy theories on as to whether or not the government chooses to hide the benefits of more natural medicines because they stand to gain from lobbyists from the pharmaceutical companies.

And for those who make the argument that there would still be an option for private healthcare, think again. The option would be there, but eventually it would only be an option for the upper class and people who would be able to pay for their own healthcare anyway. 

Most companies that offer insurance to their employees do it because they have to. Providing benefits to one’s employees is expensive. If the government were to offer a 2nd option besides the private insurance companies and make it cheaper to the employer, it would hardly be much of a choice. Now employers could forgo the other larger and private insurance companies and just go with the cheaper option. Now the employees end up having no choice at all. It would be either you accept the insurance that your employer offers you or pay through the teeth for the private insurance that you prefer. 

To sum it up, universal healthcare would not be free. In return for government provided healthcare you would lose your option for building a long-term plan for your healthcare. A government run program cannot sustain itself and is not guaranteed to be there in your distant future. You also lose your right to choose. Instead of being able to choose your doctor and the way that you are treated you would have to have these things first approved by the government. And by offering a sub par healthcare package that is cheaper, employers would more likely chose this cheaper package for their employees and get rid of the packages from the other insurance companies. You also lose your right to quality. A system that cannot sustain itself cannot afford to provide differing levels of care. The people with job and contribute to the system would get the same care as those who do not contribute. This doesn’t mean that everyone gets better care. This means that those who enjoyed a higher level of care will now have to settle for the equivalent of free clinics. Universal healthcare is not a real solution.