QR Codes For Kids

Kids are one of the most important demographics in retail and marketing. They are a target for marketing cloths and toys as well as so much more. To properly infiltrate the market of today, it only makes sense that we would see QR Codes on products and good that are marketed towards kids. Not all kids have their own smart phone, but children to have more access to them than ever before, and not to mention they also have access to other alternative mobile devices like the iPod Touch and iPads that also have the capability to download and use apps that scan and use QR Codes. And since there is such a wide array of products that are marketed to children, there is certainly no shortage of items in which qr codes can be placed on in which children will have access to them. Clothing, toys, games, school supplys, and electronics are some things that children use in daily life. So using more kid friendly QR Codes as a marketing tactic can be very profitable in todays world.