The Shoe Industry

Shoe shopping is one of the great forms of retail therapy. From designer brands to bargain hunting for heels, nothing lifts ones spirits more than a new pair of shoes. And in a time where most people have had to tighten their belts, and help that one can get in saving money can be greatly appreciated. QR Codes have been helping to add supplemental savings for shoe hounds, because we cannot rely on BOGO sales alone! But saving money is not the only reason for QR Code and shoes to go hand in hand. Some designer are even adding QR Codes right into the actual design of their shoes. Some of the codes are just there for the fashion statement. But some of the codes are actually scannable and have information about the product or the designer. In May of 2011, the popular she designer, John Fluevog, added QR codes right into the soles of his line of clogs. When scanned, the shows take the person that scanned to code to a video that shows the shoes being made. This is all a part of his very popular social media platform that he calls “Feetbook.” Shoes and technology have never intermingled in this way before. Not only do the QR Codes keep up with a new trend, but they are also giving the consumer new insight into their foot ware. Here are some helpful sites and links that will help you utilize QR Codes for promotional purposes or just in general shoe retail.