The Sportswear and Sporting Good Industry

QR Codes have shown up all over in high fashion. But the world of sportswear is quickly following suit. Sportswear is intended for athletics and active wear, but that doesn't mean that active people don't like to be fashionable and follow trends as well. QR Codes are not only showing up on their clothing, but on sports equipment as well. QR Codes can act as great identifying tags. Many people who are involved with sports have to travels a lot. Adding QR Code tags to ones equipment would be a great way for someone to find out how to return the equipment if it were to be lost. So in this particular case, QR Codes are not only fashionable, they are also useful. Since some outdoor sports like geocaching are incorporating QR Codes into their actual sport, it's good to see that the technology can also benefit them in so many new ways. And don't worry, if you love sporting the more well known logos of your favorite sportswear companies, some companies are finding ways to incorperate their logos into scannable QR Codes. That way you get to keep the QR Codes that you still know and love.