QR Codes are becoming a huge trend in the marketing and retail world.QR Codes are a novel and fun way for consumers to interact with the products and brands that they love.And lots of major corporations and large business are incorporating them into their marketing campaigns.But now the every day individual can get in on the action as well.Whether you are promoting your small business and simply getting other people involved and interested in hobbies and activities that you love, utilizing your own unique QR Codes is something that is not beyond your reach.And this amazing new technology is not limited to business purposes.Hobbyists can use QR Codes to help evolve their favorite past times into the new millennium as well as share their passions with others.In fact there are many web sites that offer tutorials that show you how to make your very own QR Codes.And one does not need to be a technological expert or skilled programmer to get in on the world of QR Codes.This new technology can breathe new life into marketing campaigns andfor your business or just give you new ways to share the things that you love and all you have to do is follow a few easy steps to get started.Here are just a few examples of site that offer information and tutorial on how to makes your own QR Codes and it is probably a lot easier than you might think.

What's a QR Code